Monthly Archives: July 2014

Learning Ruby

The last time I tried to learn Ruby my Dad died.


The two were entirely unrelated, but when I think if Ruby I still associate it with Cancer and dying. But since then I’ve also finished my CS degree and played with lots of different languages. And as I’ve evolved over time as an engineer I’ve wanted to find a a quick way to build an API or website, and while node/express has been straightforward I’ve always wondered how it compares to Ruby on Rails.

So with that in mind I’ve set out to learn Ruby again. I’m starting with the site RubyKoans ( because I saw it recommended by a rubiest as a way to transition from other languages.




My dive into Ruby evolved into learning Chef at work  to automate deployments for a private cluster and also creating end to end integration tests of that cluster.  Ruby is very fast and flexible, but a pain to try to use on Windows.  So I ended up doing all my work in a Linux vm and getting better with all the command line tools in the process, I’m not sure I’m ready to use Ruby for a side project but this work project really showed the flexibility of the language.

Of great important is that no one died.